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Fun tips on a pretty cool camera… PTZ

PTZ cameras can be found nearly everywhere, public facilities, 24-hour convenience stores, police departments, restaurants, even on personal property.  PTZ cameras are compact, high resolution cameras with powerful motorized zoom lenses that have high speed motors.  This means that the motors can reposition the camera up to 360 degrees in less than half a second.  PTZ’s can be flush or surface mounted, and come in indoor and outdoor housings.  This type of powerful technology will allow you to explore activities from the next room over or a thousand miles away. 

2010 Yellowknife Business of the Year


Yellowknifer Oct. 27 edition, photo courtesy of Northern News Services

Mark Walker, vice-president of business development for Northwestel, presents Josephine  Cimon-Gaudet, of  Danmax Communication Ltd, with the Business of the Year award at last  week's Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce awards  ceremony.