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Fun tips on a pretty cool camera… PTZ

PTZ cameras can be found nearly everywhere, public facilities, 24-hour convenience stores, police departments, restaurants, even on personal property.  PTZ cameras are compact, high resolution cameras with powerful motorized zoom lenses that have high speed motors.  This means that the motors can reposition the camera up to 360 degrees in less than half a second.  PTZ’s can be flush or surface mounted, and come in indoor and outdoor housings.  This type of powerful technology will allow you to explore activities from the next room over or a thousand miles away. 

What is CCTV?


Closed Circuit Television is video surveillance technology that’s designed to monitor multiple environments and activities through the use of monitor screens. Many businesses are now covered by surveillance camera systems. A linked system of cameras provides for full pan, tilt, zoom and infrared capability. These can be operated remotely from a control room. Features can include: night vision, computer assisted operation and motion detection. Their use on private property and home residences is also becoming popular.

CCTVCCTV surveillance allows you to recall, playback and record pertinent events. It can also:

  • deter crime
  • deter anti-social behaviour such as littering, harassment, vandalism
  • prevent employee theft
  • provide evidence
  • allows you to monitor what’s going on when out of town or out of the office
CCTVMost importantly, CCTV is the extra set of eyes and ears for every minute you aren’t there. It promotes community consciousness, in that people need to not only be aware of the things they do but also be accountable.

A camera system can incorporate different styles of cameras to provide overviews, close-ups, wide range monitoring, and set-location surveillance.


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